How I Learned to Thrive While Living on Dialysis

Living on dialysis can be challenging on many levels. The drain on your body, mind, and soul can be quite substantial. For me, dialysis started at the age of 26 when I found out my kidneys were failing. All of the sudden I was spending 12 hours per week sitting on a chair with my blood being cleaned by a machine.

I am very thankful for dialysis, because it has afforded me a life that would have otherwise ended years ago. But, like many therapies, there are some challenges that come with dialysis that I found can really affect quality of life.

Being a bit of a health enthusiast even before I started dialysis, I was determined to enjoy the highest quality of life possible while getting my treatments. So I started exploring ways of improving my quality of life on dialysis.

I found a number of incredible techniques that gave me a HUGE boost in my vitality, vigor, and energy levels. The funny thing was that my doctor had never heard of the many of these powerful techniques, or if he had, he never considered how much they could improve a patient’s quality of life.

In talking with other patients at my dialysis facility, I realized how completely in-the-dark all of the other patients were to these magical, life-transforming tricks I had uncovered. Literally no one had ever heard about them being used by dialysis patients to increase energy levels and quality of life. These techniques were like buried treasures. Some of them seemed so obvious, but no doctor, nurse, or dietician I talked to had ever heard of them being used. It was mind-boggling to me.

One of these techniques in particular is an easy, no-brainer way to keep your potassium levels down, as well as give your body a chance to clean out your lymphatic system and release toxins. It’s easy, inexpensive, and accessible to most people. When I started using this technique, my potassium was on the verge of being too high (mid 5’s), but since then, my levels have been consistently been in the low 4’s, which is right in the target range for a dialysis patient...

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